MEGE-Find Shipping Container Aquaponics, Professional Farming Container-1

The building of an agriculture container plant by MEGE is a new measure to improve resource utilization. There are various specifications to choose from. The advantage of agriculture container is that users can control almost all factors, such as temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide content, spectral range and day and night cycles, etc.

It is mainly used to provide residents with fresh vegetables with high-yield, high-quality, high-efficiency plant production. The container can intelligently control the plant growth environment with LED lights, keeping the temperature and temperature uniform. It also improves the efficiency of energy, water and carbon dioxide consumption while minimizing the exchange with the external environment. Due to the precise controllable illumination, temperature and humidity, the plant grows faster with a short cycle and high yield per unit area.

The container utilizes the growth law of the plant itself to greatly improve the growth quality of vegetables and fruits and achieve high yield and high efficiency. The container requires less manual labor and saves labor costs. It features good sealing and high safety. Moreover, it has a beautiful appearance and a good structure. It has the characteristics of convenient temperature control, convenient movement, long service life and strong environmental adaptability.