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The camping container room from MEGE adopts humanization design and reasonable structure. It is designed to be rugged, flexible and convenient. The components of the container are high-grade and sturdy, and it is shockproof and windproof. Our containers are often used for all kinds of field construction and field life, effectively improving the efficiency and quality of life in fieldwork. It is one of the necessary items for field construction and is widely used in the field of petroleum, drilling, oil recovery, geology, border trade, and highway construction.

The camping room has good insulation and great waterproof and cold-proof effects. Therefore, it is favored by the majority of construction workers. Moreover, it is also energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and pollution-free compared to traditional houses. The camping container room can also be recycled for repeated use after the end of its service life.

The construction cost of the container is low because most of the building materials used can be recycled. The container is easy to transport, cost-effective, and durable. It is well-made, reasonable in layout, luxurious in decoration and user-friendly in design. Its adequate interior space is ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable living experience for the user. And the product has good sealing effects and is easy to clean and maintain.