Established in 2003, MEGE locates in Yushan West Road, Panyu district, Guangzhou City, owning a plant in Lanhe town, Nansha district, Guangzhou city. MEGE owns independent technology system and many product patents. This company has 100 employees which included 25 staff with university professional and 35 staff with more than 10 years working experience in the company. MEGE also owns complete production facilities and pass the environment department inspection.

Through years concentrating on research and development and integrity management, MEGE has achieved a certain technology leading position in container house field and even exceed the foreign technology. We are the number one brand of meteorological shelter in China and own more than 75% market share in high level meteorological shelter.

As a key enterprise in China camping container market, MEGE has built several famous province level campsites, such as Guangdong Midea Luhu campsite, Guangxi Hezhou hot spring campsite, Jiangsu Yancheng Da Zong Lake campsite and etc.

MEGE has been providing the high quality shelters to South China Sea Fleet and Second Artillery Corps for many years and largely exported to Australia, Europe, and American with highly praise.

MEGE has acquired the approve for Panyu high-tech enterprise and is applying for Guangzhou high-tech enterprise now.

Five products system
Shell RV
SHELL RV is Mege's own R&D professional trailer
type campsite caravan, its unique pitched roof is in
spired by Sydney Opera House. Duplex structure,
fully equipped with living room, bathroom and
kitchen. Comfortable and bright space, built for

Steve fold house

Easy and quick to operate , durable and maintain

conveniently , easy to transport and install . The

container connected with stainless steel , up fold

panel controlled by gas strut . Container equipped

with lifter ,easy to move and stop .

Honeycomb container
Size :4000*3500*2600mm
Modern design , colorful surface , reasonable
layout Environmental ,  beauty and durable ,
waterproof , thermal insulation , sound proof
ApplicationTravel ,  camp , commerce ,
exhibition etc

Container tent hotel is research and development by
Megeshelters with Mongolia herdsman style ,it's special
design idea is come from glassland  herdsman mongolian
yurt ,it's high structure can avoid the moisture and animals ,the modern tent can keep the sunshine , the
leakproofness of container can bring the thermal
insulation performance , integrated deign can offer the
comfortable environment 。

Olympic sanitary
LED Exhibition
Police station
Meteorology shelter Equipment shelter
Travel center
Luhu campite
Dazonghu campite
Mobile kitchen of Guizhou TV station