MEGE-High Quality Equipment Shelters And Shelter Manufacturers-1

The shelters designed by MEGE include communication shelter, meteorology shelter, emergency shelter, military shelter, truck shelter, equipment shelter.

The communication shelter designed by MEGE adopts a large glass fiber sandwich panel structure and is highly sturdy. The shelter protects sensitive and expensive communications equipment from rain and fire and provides reliable dates for telecommunications companies and their customers. It is ideal for power, marine, transportation, aerospace and military applications.

Our weather shelters are made of fiberglass and steel and can be used to keep the equipment dry and perfectly conductive. Our shelters meet all standards in the field of weather monitoring.

The emergency shelter is installed with a solar system to provide power to the equipment in the shelter. Our shelter is seamlessly connected for emergency situations. It is very suitable for battlefield communications, airport communications and other fields.

Our military shelter has good impact resistance and shock resistance, and we have a professional commissioning team to help customers complete every stage of military camp deployment.

Our truck shelter is a kind of mobile shelter and is widely used for air monitoring, airport navigation, analyzers, storage, communications.

We also provide a large number of modular equipment shelters for governments and foreign organizations. They can be designed to be mobile or fixed on the ground.