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The products that are designed and developed by MEGE have excellent water tightness with great insulation effects. They are easy to install and easy to transport. Our containers can be used effectively to save construction investment. Moreover, our building materials are very strong and resistant to pressure, fire, water, corrosion and impact. Their corrosion resistance and impact resistance highlight their absolute advantages. Our products are noted for easy maintenance.

The wall panel is flame retardant, shock resistant and soundproof. Containers have the characteristics of convenient construction, environmental protection, aesthetic sense and durability. At the same time, the plate assembly method is simple, and it is not restricted by seasons and environment. Therefore, the containers are easy to transport and install. They are safe and convenient to install and use and can be applied to all seasons.

The outer wall of our products contains fiber components and has excellent toughness and aging resistance. One of our containers’ outstanding features is that they do not rust and crack, and the service life is more than 20 years. 

Our container layout and design are very innovative and the containers have excellent breathability. All materials and parts production are fully reviewed. The building materials can be recycled indefinitely in line with the environmental protection principle.