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PRICE:¥100000.00 (Indicative price)

SPECIFICATION:5600×2250×2500mm (Transportation Dimension)
TYPE:Campsite RV
MATERIAL:RV chassis +FRP Insulation board

Campground shell saloon car is a special trailer saloon car for camp independently developed and produced by Company. Tts unique inclined roof shape inspiration comes from Sydney Opera House internal facilities are complete duplex structure divided into reception bedroom bathroom and kitchen area space is comfortable and bright no sense of depression suitable for long-term living.

Sales Hotline:020-84896775;020-8496779
房车外观——主打海滨风格   RV appearance - Mainly beach style 

 房车内部——复式结构,功能齐全   RV interior - duplex structure, full-featured

"拿得起,放得下“——让房子去到世界各地   "Take it, let it go" - let the house go all over the world


米格出品房车一代观赏  MeGe produces the RV  
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