MEGE-Manufacturing Of Container Shower Unit And Shipping Container Toilet-1

The portable toilet from MEGE is named after its mobility and has an obvious advantage over the traditional toilet. The toilet is not subject to any working environment. It has the advantage of mobility and is convenient for transportation. It can effectively and conveniently solve the problem of space wasting. It is specifically designed for current environmental protection. It not only helps protect the environment but also facilitates personal needs and brings convenience to people. The external structure is simple and the service efficiency is high. The roof is made of fiberglass to ensure the roof is waterproof.

The portable toilet can be assembled with the help of MEGE’ s facility and then can be shipped to any country at any time. It is easy to install and easy to transport, making it very popular in campsites. The main structure of the container is a fiberglass EPS sandwich panel. The entire trailer container is beautifully designed and easy to maintain. Moreover, the trailer toilet is designed to be flexible and we can meet the unique design requirements of our customers.

The color of the product is simple, which is very suitable for stations, docks, tourist attractions, villas, high-tech zones, large construction sites, plazas, and densely populated public places such as a large shopping center.