Considerations When Setting Up The Container Homes
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Considerations When Setting Up The Container Homes


It is always a straightforward thing to have a container home of your build. Many surplus shipping containers are all over the port everywhere in the world, and their size is perfect in making home containers. If you need a larger-square or a multi-story footage home, you only need to stack some containers vertically and there; you will have the home you want. The less fortunate thing is that fixing a home is never easy in practical like it may seem in theory. If you need to build modular container homes, there are some considerations you should put in your mind to have a structurally sustainable, sound, and singular, beautiful home.


1. Know The Restrictions Code For Your Building

There might be several restrictions concerning building a container home in many cities and towns as well. Before you have your money invested in building such container homes, always research to be sure that you soundly understand the state and local building codes. By doing this, you will be in terms with the restrictions and cant build against the state’s demands.


2. Protect The Container From Harmful Chemicals

The shipping containers should be well noted that at some point, they were only meant to be at sea and not in homes. There are chemicals in floor wood of many shipping containers like heavy pesticides which deter rodents and rats from eating the floor. Also, the paint used for the containers have chemicals which protect any oceanic saltwater spray from affecting the container. For you to prevent such harmful chemicals in your home, you can decide to purchase a new container or adjust the ones from the sea to remove the chemicals attached to it before you build your modular container homes. You can reap up the flooring and have a new one installed, also foam insulation at the shipping container interior which will protect all certain of gassing due to harmful chemical paints.


3. Avoid Cutting Off The Containers into Pieces

The shipping containers are built from solid steel; hence they are extremely strong with load bearing walls if you may need adding more story on it or build another roof structure. However, any time you cut the container to create a window or an extra door, you will be weakening the container’s strength, and with time, its walls can't bear the load anymore since it will need reinforcement. If you continuously cut the container, reinforcement will be highly needed; hence you will have a high budget.


4. Know Various Containers And Their Difference

Shipping containers are all different. There are eight-feet tall traditional shipping containers and the nine-feet tall high cube containers. If you need to have your ceiling or floor be heavily insulated, you might end up with a house which is very obbits. Despite the high cube containers being more expensive than the traditional ones by $1,000, that one extra height is very important when building your modular container homes.


5. Minimize The Welding You Require

Since even a single container may be built to a small well-designed home, if you need a bigger home, it means you should purchase more containers. The shipping containers should be then welded, to have an added structural integrity. The main issue is the fact that doing welding is very expensive so you should design it very well to save on welding costs.


6. Consider Vernacular and Local Options First

Despite people wanting the shipping container homes due to their sustainability, it sounds a good idea to consider the vernacular and local options every time first. The containers are very heavy, and one needs more cost to have them transported to their residential place. It is great to have a shipping container home if you can easily access means of transportation or if you are located next to a port. You may also consider having vernacular construction methods combined with the shipping container homes, like the use of natural plasters and straw bales for the interior walls and insulation.


7. You Must Spend Extra Money

While others love shipping container homes since they are said to be affordable, you must always remember that doing all finishing concerning the interior and exterior of the modular container homes must need extra cash. Like other styles of constructions, if the surface is large, definitely the cost is more. Such extra cost in modules are for things like insulating, finishing, and welding multi-container home and you may realize they are expensive just like normal stick-framed houses.



You must always put the above into consideration before you decide or think of constructing a container home of your own.