The container house of MEGE has a good sealing performance due to its very strict manufacturing process, which ensures that there will be no water leakage when it rains. The container' s chassis is made of standard steel, so it can be converted into a variety of room spaces, such as kitchens, rooms, bathrooms, etc. The product is extremely rugged, and it has good shock resistance and is highly resistant to deformation. Our strict manufacturing process makes this container house very watertight, fireproof and corrosion resistant.

The design and interior decoration of the container can also be customized by the user to make it personalized in line with personal characteristics and taste, and the appearance can be designed very uniquely. The entire construction process is energy-saving and environmentally-friendly, achieving zero pollution and zero emissions.

The product is lightweight and flexible. It is designed to be easy to disassemble and has superior performance. Therefore, it is easy to transport and is especially suitable for frequently changing construction sites. The house is a monolithic structure with the frame inside. The wall is made of steel and can be decorated with wood. The container house can be moved as a whole and has a service life of more than 20 years.