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Starting business from 2003, has established itself as a quality supplier in the container house field industry.We have been in business for over 15 years.Our business partners are all over the world.We supply and serve Shelter.Container Coffee Shop is the one of the most popular products among them.

Container Coffee Shop is made of qualified fiberglass and steel .It is widely used in used in the fields of electricity, maritime affairs, transportation, aviation and military and etc with its great performance and high quality.It is designed to meet on patron's demand.Various sizes are available for according to client's specific requirements.It is characterised by big fiberglass sandwich panels structure, , and ..solid and of this product means thatfire proof, water proof and anti-correction.Through introducing independent technology system , this product offers the best function.Our company have attained arrange a strict inspection process and , and this product has passed ISO9000 quality system certification. and .It can also be customized as per the varied demands of clients.It is within a guarantee period of from the dates when we make the deal.We do not accept merchandise for return unless it is defective, in which case they will be replaced, subject to availability, or refunded at buyers discretion.Check it out at:

The continued success of has been built upon consistent and competitive pricing, quality workmanship, quick response time and outstanding customer service.At , our mission is to provide the best product for you.We will provide you the shelters in best quality to protect your property.Our customers speak highly of our products and services.For more information, check out at our homepage!MEGE Container Coffee Shop Container Space image30
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