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Beginning from 2003, MEGE Shelters Inc. is a professional container house field company. We have been in business for over 15 years. And we have been served thousands of customers across the world. We are honored to serve thousands of customers across the world, providing camping and . We specialize in the supply of Equipment shelter.

Equipment shelter is developed using branded components. It is mainly used in used in the fields of electricity, maritime affairs, transportation, aviation and military and etc. It is designed to cater to the changing demands and requisites of customers. Various sizes are available for according to client's specific requirements. It is characterised by in beautiful design and easy to maintain and . With Fiberglass EPS sandwich panels,All in One,High Standard Fitting,Flexible Design and , . We use the latest independent technology system to make this product the most outstanding one in the market. Our company have attained arrange a strict inspection process and , and this product has passed ISO9000 quality system certification. and . We offer this product with customized services. The product is covered by a warranty. We offer a -day return policy. You can order it at:

Our company offers a high standard of service together with being competitively priced. At MEGE Shelters, our mission is to provide the best product for you. We will provide you the shelters in best quality to protect your property. Our good service keeps our regular customers coming back for more. For more information, check out at our homepage!
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MEGE Equipment shelter Shelter image4
MEGE Equipment shelter Shelter image4
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