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shipping container homes hotel shell OEM buy shipping container home MEGE

shipping container homes hotel shell OEM buy shipping container home MEGE

Brand Name
MEGE Shelters Inc.
2667mm x 2310mm x 2500mm
4 units
Delivery Time
30-45 days
Payment Term
Company Advantages
1. You can count on a MEGE buy shipping container home to make a shipping container homes effect. Without Mege, you can only lead a normal life.
2. MEGE Shelters Inc. has built up a credible system of buy shipping container house quality management. Multiple container houses, various choices for you
3. Switchable camping toilet for enhanced container house of shipping container house. .




Main Structure

Steel structure and sandwich panels


50mm color-coated steel-rock wool sandwich panels


50mm color-coated steel-rock wool sandwich panels


Vinyl floor


Steel fireproof door with security lock


Aluminum alloy frame up-turning glass window


Toilet, shower, basin

Electric Items

Breaker, lights, distribution box

   product Feature

Colorful Modern Design

Honeycomb Container House makes the best of every inch. It’s a unique product designed by MEGE. The hexagon design is inspired by honeycomb and it can connect to create a bigger house.

Environmental Friendly

The Main structure of Honeycomb Container House is steel and sandwich panels, which is environmental friendly.

Customized design

The goal of deign of Honeycomb Container House make the best of every inch of the container. Our designers provide a comfortable and beautiful design to our customer. We also can make some small change in design according to our customers to build the unique container house.

   Product description

Honeycomb Container House is a creative hexagon container house. The aim of design of this house is to provide a comfortable container living to our clients and make the best of every inch. The environmental friendly sandwich panels and steel structure to guarantee that the container house is hard and strong. We also very grateful to have your unique internal design to make a unique honeycomb container house.

   Product application



MEGE-Find Honeycomb Container House | Shipping Container Plans-3

Company Features
1. Laboratory and workshop testing refine the concept until we have demonstrable confidence in the product. MEGE
2. At MEGE Shelters Inc., we make 200 percent efforts to be the first buy shipping container home brand. Welcome To Visit Our Factory!
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