The construction industry has had many innovations and inventions the past years and the shipping container houses are not coming to a stop any time soon. They have become a hit not only for their shapes and designs but their fast turnaround time among other advantages. This article will highlight to you readers all you need to know about this architectural advancement and shipping container house company, the pros and cons and what you should keep an eye out for before you purchase these houses.


All about shipping container house company

Shipping containers homes are buildings, suites, home or office space that has been constructed using a shipping container or many of them stack on top of each other. The containers used could be new or used and can also be designed to fit any taste you want. With the many shipping containers in ports around the world, you can create any home you want. shipping containers come with specific lengths, widths and heights but they can be modified limitedly to fit the purpose.


Pros and cons



Compared to building a new home from the ground foundation up, getting a shipping container house is the way cheaper. You have an option of used containers or new models. The used version can be as low as $2000.



Their shape and material allow for modification and customization to fit any purpose and home. The shipping container homes can be modernized to anything you can think of from the beach homes to enclosed apartments.



They are strong enough to be stacked together and still carry heavy loads. That provides stability for the home. They are also fit to resist harsh environmental conditions like hurricanes, tornadoes and tsunamis.


Modular structure

Most shipping containers have standard height, width and length measurements. This means that they can easily be simplified by shipping container house company in terms of design, planning and transportation. When empty, they can be stacked as high as 12 units high, when they aren't loaded. Like how you stack crates of soda.


Turnaround time

They are fast to be customized to a home. The speed of construction is super fast as the shipping containers already have walls and a roof, there is no much left except designing, insulating and small touch-ups. The average time from shipping container house company could be as little as just one month.


Eco - friendly

Shipping container homes are eco-friendly as they are also made from recycled materials. The recyclement from the shipping containers is said to repurpose more than 7000 pounds of steel.



Heat conduction

Because the shipping containers are made of steel, they conduct heat more than any other material. This means you may need to incur costs to install insulators like brick, wood or block structures.



The containers may be stacked up together for bigger wider spaces but it is limiting and expensive to shape it different than its default size which is either 20 or 40 feet.


Humid temperatures

The steel used to make the containers may rust unless the steel is sealed. You don't your home looking rusted after a rain pour.


Building limitations

The construction industry is not commonly known to build residential structures with steel and therefore obtaining building permits may be difficult especially in counties or municipalities which have not been used to this type of application.


Carriage damages

As the shipping containers are used over time, there will be damages and spillage which means you will have to clean up the interior before habitation. What to consider before getting a shipping container house


Scan the container

It works like buying a used car, you cannot buy something you haven't seen beforehand. You have to check for cracks, holes, rust, dents, structural issues among other things. If visitation is not possible as the container may be at an obscure port then you can choose to connect with the seller or agent and ask for pictures, detailed information and the likes. You don't want to be conned to buying something less durable.


Building regulations

Different towns can have different restrictions regarding shipping container houses. For that reason, before you take a step to invest ensure you check out your local state building codes and regulations


Insulating material

As mentioned before, the steel used with the shipping containers gives unstable temperatures meaning you will have to insulate your home, make a plan with the right contractors and heavily insulate the roof and walls, blanket style preferably.


Contracting workers

Speaking of refreshing the house to a home, you will need to find a contractor for your home. One who will completely deliver the needs for your home, someone with experience will be the best choice.


Chemical protection

Some containers can be filled with chemicals all over and you will have to protect yourself from harmful chemicals. Use of good paint and additional materials will do that for you.


Water and electricity

Just as in a normal house, plumbing and electricity play a huge role. Do you will have to plan on getting plumbing and electrical lines for your house. Talk to your contractors about this issue to ensure you don't suffer.


Container logistics

The shipping containers may have similar measurements but they aren't completely the same, some offer more height. They can be more expensive but great for insulation.


Home protection

The house is not all concrete and this means that you will have to protect the non-steel areas like the windows. Make the shutter proof to keep them strong during windy days. Place windbreakers to protect them from piercing wind.


Additional costs

Building the home might be cheap but there are other costs you will have to cover. Welding the houses together can be expensive especially if you want more square footage. But that doesn't mean you should cut on costs, just be ready to spend. Also, consider the exterior and interior designing costs. You will need to do finishing dirt the house, painting, transportation to your destination by ship or truck, insulating costs plus other expenses. You might end up incurring just the same costs and you have to be ready for that.


A shipping container house is the new future of housing with the many advantages it has to offer and less strain in the building process, it is a viable choice for a home. You can look online at pictures and modern designs to emulate for your home, from top shipping container house company, but these homes are the most durable choice for anyone, regardless of your location. This is the house to have.